Moreland Leader Article – clarification

We’ve had a tremendous response from the local community after the Moreland Leader published an article about the recently approved Merri Corner Community Garden – we received over thirty enquiries and seven new faces appeared at our recent working group meeting!

We need to clarify though that Moreland Council is not funding the garden, as the headline would suggest, but it has provided us with a $2,500 seeding grant. Unfortunately this cannot be used for any capital works – thus it cannot go towards purchasing tools, soil or sleepers to build garden beds – it can only be used to run workshops in areas like waterwise gardening and permaculture.  This means that we are still on the lookout for people and businesses who can offer assistance by means of sponsorship or donations of equipment and supplies.  So if you’re reading this and think you can help in any way, please register your interest on this site.







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