Official Stuff

Here you’ll find all our Garden Rules, info about our governance structure, and  documents and other bits and pieces you may find useful if you’re setting up your own community garden. Watch this space as we fill it with it with some helpful resources…


Garden Rules:

MCCG rules V-8

These are the MCCG garden rules, updated after our first year in operation, and voted on at the 2011 AGM. We developed them by looking at what worked for other community gardens and trying to make them as user-friendly as possible, but also to make sure the garden is a peaceful and safe place for everyone to enjoy.

If you have any queries or issues with anything in the rules, please email [email protected] and we’ll do our best to clarify or take on board your suggestions.

Changes to the rules are tabled and voted on at the AGM, which is held every year in November/December.

Safety Guidelines

We have a number of documents that oultine our OH&S Policy and the checklist of what to look out for in the garden. Thanks to other Community Gardens for letting us base ours on work they’d already done to develop these!

Safety in the Garden

Financial Policy and Procedures:

June2011MCCG Finance Policy_June2011

The Policy is designed to set out the requirements and responsibilities for reporting &
reviewing income and expenditure as well as compiling, monitoring and reviewing Merri
Corner Community Garden’s annual budget.

MCCG financial procedures_

The Procedures document  relates to the financial management of Merri Corner Community
Garden in accordance with its Finance Policy. This includes requirements for approving the
budget, reporting on income and expenditure to the Committee and for reimbursement of
expenses incurred on behalf of Merri Corner Community Garden.

Privacy Policy

The Merri Corner Community Garden Inc (MCCG) recognises the importance of keeping
personal information confidential and up-to-date. At the same time we want to help people
to get to know each other. This statement sets out how we manage personal information to
meet these needs and our legal obligations.

Merri Corner Community Garden Privacy policy


As an Incorporated Association, the MCCG is managed by a Committee comprising of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secreatary, Public Officer, Communications officer and other non-office-bearing positions.

The Committee is elected every year at the AGM, but we welcome involvement and input from all members and regularly consult with plotholders on all important planning decisions.

2012 Committee members are:

Eleisha Mullane (President)

Gavin Ashley (Vice President)

Kate Wood (co-Secretary)

Liz Ralph (Membership)

Simone Howard (Treasurer)

Ingrid Josephine (Communications Officer)

Pauline Ahola (General Rep)

Amanda Cornwall (General Rep)

Lauren Keim (General Rep)

If you’d like to contact any of the Committee members, please email [email protected]

Plotholders Meeting 2012

financial summary to march 31