MCCG Meeting Minutes

Here you’ll find the minutes from our Committee Meetings, which are held monthly as well as minutes from our annual Plot Holder Meetings. Have a read to keep up to date with what’s been talked about and planned. Remember, this is your garden, so if you have any concerns or wish to contribute to meetings, email [email protected]

MCCG Plotholder Meeting Minutes


 2012 MCCG Committee Meeting Minutes

No meeting held in January 2012

February 2012 Minutes

March 2012 Minutes

April 2012 Minutes

May 2012 Minutes


2011 MCCG Committee Meeting Minutes  

January 2011 Minutes

February 2011 Minutes

No meeting held in March

April 2011 Meeting Minutes

May 2011 Minutes

June 2011 Minutes

July 2011Minutes

August 2011 Minutes

September 2011 Minutes

October 2011 Minutes

No meeting held in November

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