Each Peach Fundraiser Dinner – Sold out!

Garden Party!

It’s on! Join us on August 14th   for a  Garden Party with a Merri twist….a 3-course dinner  at Each Peach, 506 Lygon St,with an all-organic, locally-sourced menu, entertainment and good times, for $35/head!

The party’s set and it’s a sell out crowd! If you’re super keen on a ticket you can still email us below as there might be some people who can’t make it.

To find out more, email [email protected]


Fundraising BBQ at Bunnings!

On the 2nd January 2010, while everyone else was enjoying their holidays, the MCCG were busy fundraising at a BBQ at Coburg Bunnings.

We ended up raising around $1400 on the day, which is a huge boost to our funds, and could pay for something snazzy like a solar powered water pump!

I remember chopping at least 10kg of onions, turning at least 100 snags and handing out gallons of tomato sauce! Phew!

Here’s some pics from the day. Check out our mad BBQ skills: